Jack Gets National Recognition

Investment News has recognized Jack McCloskey, our COO, as a 2022 40 Under 40 honoree. Jack was chosen from a pool of more than 600 nominees by a panel of reporters, editors and other representatives of Investment News, earning a spot on the final list of 40 talented individuals. Investment News’ 40 Under 40 project strives to […]

Steps to Care for Aging Parents

As our parents age, it can be difficult to figure out the proper steps for their care. Are your parents open to conversations or more closed off? Do they have their finances in order, or are they unsure of what to do themselves? Older folks who are facing these issues can feel unseen because everyone […]

Are Financial Advisors Worth Their Fees?

The short answer is, “it depends”.  The “financial advisor” that sells you an expensive annuity with an undisclosed $20,000 front end commission and then has a hard time returning your phone calls is clearly not worth what you unknowingly paid him or her.  But according to multiple studies, most financial advisors are worth multiple times what you pay them. […]

Save Thousands in Taxes!

Today is tax day, April 15th!  Due to the holiday, this year’s filing deadline has been pushed back until Monday which will give many Americans a final weekend to get their returns filed.  And, of course, millions of Americans have waited until the last minute and will now hope to see a refund as they complete their returns.  […]

Inflation at 40 Year Highs

How is inflation calculated? You’ve seen it in the store and heard about it on the news, inflation is the highest it’s been in 40 years. Inflation has been called “the worst tax,” since it impacts everyone and pervades the economy. Inflation is calculated based on price changes for a “basket” of goods and services. […]

3 Reasons to Hire a Pro

#1: Navigating uncertain markets      The investment markets have generally trended upward the last few years, but the magnitude of the recent performance is unlikely to continue. Stock prices are high; bond yields are low, and we’re seeing signs of speculation in parts of the investment market. An investment strategy executed by a pragmatic, […]

New Year Financial Checkup

Monday marks Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day when millions of Americans will have already given up on their goals to improve their lives in the New Year. We could offer some new habits to try to enhance your finances this year, but instead we’ll suggest a few simple tasks with potentially big payoffs. Retirement Plan […]

The Smart Money

Back in March of 2000 we published an article in our On the Money print newsletter that discussed one of the hottest stocks of the day, Cisco, known for making the routers that powered the internet. Unlike many of the dot.com darlings, Cisco had actual profits. But, like most of the tech stocks back then, […]

When 2% = $1 million

As the year comes to a close, do you know how your investments fared for the year?  Will you know your net investment return?  Do you know how to calculate it?  And to what benchmark do you compare your return? Most investors will simply look at their balance at year-end and be happy with a […]

Joe’s Bad Timing

Have you ever kicked yourself for buying stock funds at the top of a market cycle? Your timing may be bad, but it couldn’t be worse than Joe’s, one of the world’s worst market timers. Joe started working in the 1970’s but kept all his savings in a bank account that earned no interest. Joe […]