Your portfolio’s asset allocation is a major factor in your returns, so that’s our focus. And we’ll proactively manage your investments as the markets change.

401(k) Investments

Your 401(k) plan may be one of your largest investments and should be incorporated into your retirement planning and managed as part of your overall portfolio. We can take advantage of the best options available through your employer-sponsored plan and balance them with other assets that are not available within the plan.  You may also be eligible for an in-service withdrawal or a “brokerage window” that would allow us to expand your investment options.  In some cases, including some TIAA and Fidelity plans, we can even deduct our fee on a pre-tax basis right from your plan.


  For your protection, we don’t take custody of our client investments. Your accounts can be held at Raymond James or Schwab Institutional and we can service them for you while you enjoy significant commission discounts and the availability of no-load, no-transaction fee, and institutional-class mutual funds that are not available to retail customers.

Investment Strategy

In the investment management arena, our main focus is on the asset allocation of our client portfolios. Studies have shown that asset allocation is a major factor in investment returns. And we’ve found it to be critical to investment success. We evaluate the direction of the economy, interest rates, corporate earnings, the dollar and several other factors. We then input these data points into our proprietary forecasting software. From there, we examine how the variables may impact the pricing of different asset classes and then design our customized asset allocation recommendations. Within each asset class, we seek out the best securities and/or best managers. We take an active approach to investment management and adjust portfolios as the markets or economic indicators change.  We’ve used our asset allocation approach since 1987 and it continues to work well for our clients today. The strategy is derived from Modern Portfolio Theory and Harry Markowitz’s Nobel Prize winning work.

Fee Schedule

  As a fee-only firm, we don’t accept compensation from anyone but our clients. Given that, our incentive is to find the lowest cost options for you. Typically, we save our clients a good portion of our fee by using very low cost investments not available to individual investors.

The annual investment management fee covers portfolio management as well as our financial planning services.

Minimum Portfolio $500,000 (includes combination of IRAs, 401(k)s, educational funds, joint accounts, etc.)
Minimum annual fee $5,000