Tax Preparation

Our proactive tax planning and preparation services, integrated with your overall plan, can help simplify and improve your finances.

Proactive Planning

  Our tax planning may include the timing of investment gains, Roth conversions, AMT planning, finding tax advantaged investments or other tax reduction strategies. This proactive planning goes on throughout the tax year so we can take advantage of the opportunities before the tax year is over. We’ll often mock up our client’s tax return late in the year to look for potential breaks and ensure that there are no surprises come April.


  Our role is to help simplify your financial life, and that extends to preparing your income taxes if you need those services, as well. It’s often easier for us to calculate your quarterly estimated tax payments since we know your dividend, interest and capital gain information. If you’ve worked with another tax professional or prefer to do them yourself, we’re also happy to help supply the information you’ll need.


  We do charge an additional fee for income tax preparation, but we’ve found the rates to be lower than what many accounting and other financial firms charge. In addition, our advisors can integrate your tax planning and investment planning throughout the year to help minimize your tax bill.

Tax Team

  Our tax team includes Tammy Wakevainen, CFP®, CPA, Debbie Krone, CFP®, CPA and Amy Haselhuhn, CPA, each with over 20 years of tax experience, with support from other staff.

Please note that our tax services are only available to our clients.