Plan To Succeed

Plan to succeed is our marketing theme line, but it’s also how we work with our clients.  Financial success doesn’t happen by accident.  You need a plan.  So we start our client relationships by getting to know you and your goals and we get the plan together first.

Getting Started

The process is much easier than most people imagine. We try to minimize your time and effort in gathering the  information needed to create a very sophisticated, yet easily understandable, plan.

Download our questionnaire or input your information online now.

We can normally prepare your plan in about a week and you can schedule a meeting online to review the plan with one of our advisors, either at our offices or virtually.

No Additional Planning Fees

Most firms charge extra fees for financial planning services. We feel it is an integral part of the wealth management process and we include the planning at no additional charge to our clients.

For prospective clients, we’ll prepare an initial plan typically for a $500 fee. If you decide to become a client, we waive the fee and provide the investment management and financial planning services for the asset-based annual fee.


Your investment portfolio, including your 401(k)s or other retirement accounts, is updated daily along with performance calculations.  In addition, your retirement plan information can be updated as well.  While the online access is great, we also like to meet with you at least annually to review your progress.

Our Annual Financial Reports offer a great opportunity to review your retirement planning progress, discuss tax strategies, and update other areas like your estate planning or funding college expenses.

Your Financial Sourcebook

     Your Financial Sourcebook is a financial plan and organizer designed to put your finances together in one easy-to-access binder. Financial plans cover your retirement, investment, estate, insurance, education funding and other objectives. 

     In addition, your plan is available online where you can view the current outlook and see the impact of changes in the investment markets, retirement dates, inflation, and other variables.  Log in any time to see how higher tax rates, a stock market correction, different Social Security strategies, or higher health care costs may affect your retirement standard of living.