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2016 Investment Outlook

2016 Investment Outlook

The first week of the new year has seen a rocky start to the stock market. Volatility in the Chinese market has spread throughout the globe. No one knows what will happen in the short term, but we’re not overly concerned about the recent volatility. When stock prices get into the fairly valued range, based… read more

The Post You Missed

Back in April and May, I had an item on my To Do list to write a post discussing the potential for a summer stock market correction and explaining what we’d do in the event that it happened. Don’t go looking for it because I didn’t get around to writing it. While I thought it… read more

Investing By the Stars?

Many investors shop for mutual fund investments much like they shop for a car or refrigerator.  They do some research and look for the highest rated product in their price range.  In the mutual fund marketplace Morningstar has made it easy for investors with their star rating system.  For over 25 years they’ve rated mutual… read more

Retirement Income Investing Upended

Today’s very low bond yields have changed the investment landscape enough that traditional retirement income investing strategies need to be reconsidered. Retirees are generally concerned with drawing a steady income in retirement and bonds have traditionally been a good income producing investment but they just don’t yield enough today. Over the past 50 years the… read more

What’s Fee Only?

In the financial planning profession there is a small minority of planners that refer to themselves as “fee only”.  No one wants to pay fees so why would they promote themselves like this?   Fee only refers to the way that advisors are compensated.  It isn’t in addition to commission based compensation so it isn’t… read more

Now What

Politics Investors reacted to Tuesday’s election results by selling stocks.  The Dow Jones Industrials Average fell 2.4% last Wednesday, though that was less than the nearly 5% drop after the 2008 election.  With the election behind us now the “fiscal cliff” looms a few weeks ahead if President Obama, House Speaker Boehner and Senate leader… read more