Getting Started

The first step is an initial interview where you can see if Vintage makes sense for you. There’s no cost or obligation. You can come prepared with our completed questionnaire or just come in with a list of questions. Just give us a call, drop us an e-mail or choose a convenient time to meet. And, if you’d like, we can even meet virtually or at your home or office.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Next we like to prepare a financial plan so that we understand your situation and goals thoroughly. We may uncover areas in estate planning, insurance coverage or tax planning that should be addressed in addition to the investment plan. Our Financial Sourcebook plan costs $500 if you opt not to become a client and we’ll even waive the fee if you decide to continue with us.


Our annual investment management fee is only ¼% per quarter (or less) and there are typically only nominal transaction costs in setting up your portfolio. You’ll get a chance to see if we earn our fee as you go along without the high upfront costs charged by many financial firms.

In addition to investment management, our advisory fee includes all of our financial planning services.

Get started with a complimentary meeting