OTM Winter 21-22

Reflections at 70

Mutual Fund Taxes

Special Needs Planning

Welcome Doug Watts, CFP, ChFC

OTM Fall 21

Tax Savings Opportunities

Qualified 529 Expenses

Welcome Nathan Zolynsky

Child Tax Credit Changes

Most Educated

OTM Summer 21

Your Retirement Paycheck

What’s a SPAC?

Welcome Mike Nemick, CFP

Congrats to Candace Kinsler

OTM Spring 21

The Fed Changed Your Number

Roths Explained

New President, New Priorities

OTM Winter 20-21

Financial Misinformation

Unexpected Impact of Taxes in Retirement

Real Estate Vs. Bonds Today

OTM Fall 20

Vintage Named to FT 300 Again

The Cost of Inflation

Lower Returns Ahead?

OTM Summer 20

Another Vintage Award

COVID-19 & Taxes

Supporting Our Community

Disaster Survival

OTM Spring 2020

Vintage Turns 35

Investment Returns for the 2020’s

Estate Distribution Help

Tax Records to Keep

OTM Winter 19-20

Should You Pay More Taxes?

Savings Bonds a Potential Problem

Trusted Contacts

Meet Tammy & Set


OTM Fall 19

Free Advice for Young People

An Ant’s Dilemma

What’s a DAF?

OTM Summer 19

New Staff and More

The Right College Decision

New Offices

Should I Have a TOD?

OTM Spring 19

Snowbird Tax Savings

Keep Your Guard Up!

We’re Moving Our Offices

Meet Our Interns

OTM Winter 2018-19

Best Age for Social Security

Late Year Tax Planning Moves

Fiduciary Rule: R.I.P.

OTM Fall 18

Avoiding IRS Scams

New Tax Forms for New Tax Laws

Approaching College Funding Responsibly

OTM Summer 18

Be Energy and Tax Efficient

2018 Taxes–Will You Get a Tax Cut?

Optimizing Retirement Income

OTM Spring 18

Frank Named a Top Advisor

New Tax Strategies

Donor Advised Funds

What’s a Clean Mutual Fund Share Class?

OTM Winter 17-18

Who’s Your Tax Planner?

What’s an Enrolled Agent?

Faster Trades, But Not That Fast


OTM Fall 17

Caveat Emptor

Retirement Tax Planning Opportunities

Credit Scores


OTM Summer 17

Frank Named a Top Advisor by Barron’s

Can You Afford Not to Have a Good Financial Advisor?

Vintage Assets Top $500 Million

OTM Spring 17

Best College Funding Accounts

Dow Hits 20,000! What’s Next?

Investor Protection Rule Gets Trumped

Michigan Tax Facts

OTM Winter 16-17

Medicare’s Hidden Tax

Tax Planning Under Trump

Are You a One Percenter?

New Figures for 2017

OTM Fall 16

FAFSA Changes

Special Needs 529 Plans

Qualified Charitable Distributions

OTM Summer 16

How to Check Out an Advisor

Remember Your Umbrella

Doubling Our Brain Trust

New Rules for IRA Advice

OTM Spring 16

Guaranteed Retirement Planning

Big Changes in Investment Advice

Shrinking Social Security Checks

OTM Winter 15-16

Will Robos Drive Portfolios Off a Cliff?

Who’s MyRA?

IRS Changes to Address Tax Fraud

Congress Upends Social Security Strategies

OTM Fall 15

Lower Costs = Higher Returns, Right?

Social Security Turns 80 — Will it Live to 100?

What Does Fed Rate Hike Mean to You?

No COLA for Social Security in 2016?

OTM Summer 15

Below Average Returns Ahead?

Find Your Windfall

New Investor Protections

In Honor of Dave

OTM Spring 15

Frank Elected NAPFA Chair

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Digital Estate Planning

Facebook Legacy Contact

OTM Winter 14-15

Your Retirement Portfolio:  Piggy Bank or Income Machine?

It’s Not That Bad

Smart Charitable Giving

2015 Retirement Limits


OTM Fall 14

Putting the Pieces Together

Frank Named to NAPFA National Board

How Much Retirement Income Will You Need?

Annual Check Up

OTM Summer 14

Cost Vs. Value

Sign Documents on the Go

What’s an ETF?

High Frequency Trading

OTM Spring 14

How Long Will You Live?

Stock Market Volatility

President Proposes Another Retirement Savings Account

OTM Winter 13-14

Beneficiary Forms Up to Date?

Itemized Deduction Phase Out and Charitable Contributions

Should You Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

New Numbers for 2014

OTM Fall 13

How Much Will You Need to Retire?

Save on College (and More)

Investing by the Stars

Frank Marks 30 Years